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Limited Amount of Orders Accepted 


Sets starting in groups of 4 and are priced up to sets of 10 . Inquire for sets larger than 10. These sets can be for multiple portraits done of the same subject. Or each portrait in the set of a different subject.




EXAMPLE 1: You have 1 child and have 4 different sets of grandparents, so you would want to purchase a portrait set of 4 portraits.  You will submit 1 photograph for me to work from and I will do 4 portraits that are all the same.

EXAMPLE 2: You are a grandparent yourself, and you have 6 grandchildren. You would place and order for a set of 6 portraits. You will submit 6 photos (1 of each child0, that I will do 6 different portraits to complete your set.

EXAMPLE 3: You have 3 children and you have a sister that has 2 children. *I will only communicate with whomever places the order, so please be prepared to manage the order on behalf of yourself and whoever you split the order with. All photos should be sent from you to me (not two different parents). You will send me 5 different photos of each individual child and you'll receive 5 individual portraits of each child.



  • Each portrait size: 8.5"x11" consisting of a single subject. Ideal size for large quantities of portraits to be framed and hung together. This size is only offered in this special.



QTY of 4:    8.5"x11" Single Subject portraits = $960  ($240 per portrait-4 Total)

QTY of 5:    8.5"x11" Single Subject Portraits = $1175  ($235 per portrait-5 Total) 

QTY of 6:    8.5"x11" Single Subject Portraits = $1380 ($230 per portrait-6 Total)

QTY of 7:    8.5"x11" Single Subject portraits = $1575 ($225 per portrait-7 Total)

QTY of 8:    8.5"x11" Single Subject portraits = $1760 ($220 per portrait-8 Total)

QTY of 9:    8.5"x11" Single Subject portraits = $1935 ($215 per portrait-9 Total)

QTY of 10: 8.5"x11" Single Subject portraits = $2100 ($210 per portrait-10 Total)



  • Photos of each child need to be ready to submit for approval within 2 weeks of purchase.  If photos are not received within 2 weeks, you'll be refunded less $150 per portrait and the order is cancelled.Large quanitity orders, such as these, dramatically affect ability to schedule and quote accurate lead times and need to be fufilled at the time of purchase. No extensions and waiting for future photos to be take at a later date. Please do not purchase unless photos are ready for review.
  • High res, Digital images only!! They need to be a minimum of 3 megapixels. No screenshots or screen grabs. Need the actual file.
  • If you have an older photo or a physical photo: SCAN the image and submit and we can see if it will work. Some do and some do not. There simply are no guaruntees there.
  • As with all portraits, THE BEST PHOTOS TO WORK FROM are photos when the child has a relaxed, natural expression. Teeth do not translate well in painted portraits (they make darling photographs, but painted portraits are very different) 
  • Question: Do the children all need to be the same age? Absolutely not! I recommend, using the best photo of each child. If its an image that you feel best captures that child, you'll love the portrait.


***As with all items offered on this site, returns are not accepted and refunds are not granted due to the custom nature of these products. All orders MUST be redeemed within 365 days of purchase, NO EXCEPTIONS. **THIS PARTICULAR SPECIAL OFFER MUST BE REDEEMED WITHIN 1 MONTH OF PURCHASE.


Multiple Portrait Sets (Qty start at 4, up to 10 per set)

PriceFrom $960.00
Excluding Sales Tax |
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