Beautiful, one-of-a-kind Lifestyle watercolor portraits of your family and loved-ones. Adds the perfect, timeless charm to any space.


 *As Seen on Megan Stokes Blog, HOLY CITY CHIC 


11x14 $380 16x20 $480 22x30 $620 24x36 $880

Price is for ONE subject in the painting

Once order is placed, we will consult on several *HIGH RES photos that would best be suited to render the portrait from.*PHOTOS MUST BE SUBMITTED FOR APROVAL WITH IN 2 WEEKS OF PURCHASE, unless otherwise specified*




SIZES OFFERED in this style:

11x14, 16x20, 20x24 


****Lead time MINIMUM 12-14 weeks.

****LEAD TIME will be quoted after photos have been approved

****Pricing is for 1 subject per painting.

****Due to the nature of the products being custom, returns/refunds are not accepted.

****Photo Criteria****
These are 'lifestyle' 'candid' moments to be captured and rendured in watercolor/conte mediums. Please submit several photos for review. We will discuss which will translate and produce the best result.

22x30 Single Subject Lifestyle Watercolor Conte Portrait